I'm a sad little emo girl, living in my rubber duck world.

I'm 5'7 with brown hair. I love to dance, sing, and be dorky. Carebears are evil; they will take over the world one day. I dispise glue, it makes me mad >.< I'm such a sad little emo girl.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

So, yeah. I've decided to do something.
I'm going to shoot myself.

With a rubber gun, full of gummy worms.
I will torture the gummy worms first, by leaving them in the microwave for only a few seconds.
Then I will take them out, laugh at their melted butts, then shove them together and make them have sex. This means I will sit on the floor, rubbing them together, and mak kissy noises. Their butts will melt together and they will forever be having sex.

Then; OH THEN; I will shove the horny little bastards into my pink and black, rubber, skull and cross bones gun. Stick it to my head. And pull the rubber trigger.

Death by gummy worms will be written on my death certifict. Everyone will laugh at my funeral. And nobody will miss me.

End of story.

[[--The Sad Little Emo Girl--]]


Guys are idiots and they are all duches.
I swear I'm in capable of being in love.
I refuse to let anybody get close to me, so I push them away and they leave me.
So, maybe this is my fault??
I'm such a confused little emo girl.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


So yeah, new blogger thingy. Andy got me into this. I'll probably never update unless he tells me too.

I <3 You!!