I'm a sad little emo girl, living in my rubber duck world.

I'm 5'7 with brown hair. I love to dance, sing, and be dorky. Carebears are evil; they will take over the world one day. I dispise glue, it makes me mad >.< I'm such a sad little emo girl.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

So yeah, I'm so totally updating bitches!
I always forget about this thing until I want to talk to Andy. It sucks. I'm so dumb.
*hits forehead 3 times*
Alot of shit has been going on.
Life sucks and then you die eh?
*randomly rocks out to Avril Lavigne*
Shut up. She rules, you suck. Suck a dick and die.
Well, I guess I ain't got too much to say now.
Holla back homies.
*throws up a gang sign, but it's retarded, so I shoot myself in the foot cuz I'm gay like that*
YOU KNOW WHAT?! YOUR M.O.M is gay. Yeah, that's right. She is. We had wild lesbian sex last night on my bed. And she loved it. Haha. I rule.
Holla back dawgs!